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FreeCAD Developers Handbook

A handbook about FreeCAD development

Signing the FreeCAD executables and installers #

Mac OS #

Prerequisites #

You must be a member of Apple’s Developer program to generate and use signing keys. Information can be found at

To sign an app you must have a “Developer ID Application” certificate. These can be created on the Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles page of your Apple Developer account. Once it is created, download the certificate onto your computer and install it into one of your Keychains (double-click on the certificate to open and install it).

The easiest way to upload an app for notarization is to create an App Store Connect API Key at . This is a file that resides on your computer and can be referenced by the notarization upload tool. Run xcrun notarytool store-credentials to store the credentials and allow the signing script to access them when running the notary tool.

Note that the Intel bundles must be signed on an Intel machine, and the ARM bundles must be signed on an ARM machine.

Signing process #

Once the prerequisites above are met, actually signing the bundle is straightforward:

  1. Create a folder that represents the final disk image. In general it should have the bundle in it, and an alias to /Applications.
  2. Copy the file src/Tools/ to the location that contains that folder (not to within the folder itself).
  3. Edit the script to set the name of the folder as well as the release number information and architecture of your machine.
  4. Set an environment variable called FREECAD_SIGNING_KEY_ID to the ID of your “Developer ID Application” certificate. You can find the ID by running security find-identity -p basic -v.
  5. Run the script. This will take several minutes, as it scans the bundle for all shared library and executable objects and signs them with the specified certificate. It will automatically createa DMG, submit it for notarization, and staple the final authorization from Apple to the disk image.

Once complete, the disk image is ready for distribution.

Windows #