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FreeCAD Developers Handbook

A handbook about FreeCAD development

Partial View of the FreeCAD Source Tree #

A picture of the most commonly encountered branches of the tree.

The full FreeCAD source tree has many other branches, but most Contributors will only need to deal with these:

The FreeCAD Source Tree

graph LR
    A[src] --- B[App: Documents, DocumentObjects, EventPropagation]
    A --- C[Base: FundamentalTypes, Utilities]
    A --- D[Gui: Windows, Menus, Dialogs]
    A --- E[Mod: ApplicationLogic]
    subgraph Mod: ApplicationLogic
    E[Mod] --- F[Arch: Buildings]
    E --- G[Draft: 2DDesign]
    E --- H[Part: BasicShapes, BooleanOps]
    E --- I["..."]